Discovering Genome-wide Switch Mechanisms in Health vs. Disease

Bernadett Papp, PhD

Assistant Professor (2019-present)
-Department of Oral Biology, UFCD 

-UF Cancer Center /  Genetics Institute / Center of Epigenetics.. 

Previous Positions / Education:
• Research Assistant Prof., UF  (2016 - 19)
• Postdoc (Salk Institute/UCLA/USC) (2007-16)
• Ph.D,  EMBL  &  University of Heidelberg,  Germany (2006)
• MSc., University of Szeged, Hungary (2002) 

Papp Lab Members 

Gabriela Peguero Kushner

PhD candidate
(UF BMS Molecular Cell Biology Concentration)

McKnight fellow

joined lab in 2020 March

Marley Palmer

PhD candidate
(UF BMS Immunology & Microbiology Concentration)

NIH-T90 Oral Biology fellow
joined  lab in 2021 Dec

Aleena Rajeev

PhD student

(UF BMS Molecular Cell Biology Concentration)

joined lab in 2022 Aug

Alessandro Leo

PhD student

(UF BMS Immunology & Microbiology Concentration) 

started PhD in 2023 Aug

For 2024 Spring:
- Welcoming applications from
 undergraduate students 


Email to Dr. Papp 
[email protected]

Papp lab alumni

Natalie Atyeo (2019-2023), DMD/PhD graduate student, NIH F30 fellow
Richard Ong (2021-2022), summer research dental student
Reza Vaziri (2021-2022), research tech
Naeem Motlagh (2017-2022), UF Emerging Scholar, Research Track dental student 
Michelle Rodriguez, PhD (2019-20), postdoctoral associate
Min Y. Chae (2019 - 21) research tech
Carson Smith
(2018-19), summer research dental student
Thomas Hong Nguyen (2018-19) research tech
Dominika Burbul
(2018-20), UF University Scholar, undergraduate student
Katherine Glickman
(2018-19) research tech
Blessing Elensi (2017-18), undergraduate student 
Aria Sharma
 (2016-19), Research Track dental student

.. Papp alumni continued as: 

PhD program (1), Postdoctoral fellow (1), Scientist (1), Medical school (1), Dental school (4), Private practice (1), Residency program (2) , Masters degree (1)..

Highlights from the lab:

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Congratulations to Natalie (Papp lab) and Lauren (Toth lab).. !

joint Papp lab / Toth lab - PhD defense celebrations in 2023

Well done! ... We will miss both of you, good luck in your careers!

Papp lab in 2023 Spring 

attending the 2022 Departmental Retreat

Papp lab - in early 2021

Gainesville, Florida

Joint Papp lab / Toth lab dinner - in 2019

We often have dinners together with the Toth lab. We have many collaborative projects with them, our labs are adjacent to each other.

Photo taken at our annual research conference ('19 Spring Synergy)

Papp lab - in 2019