2021 is now ending - what a great year for our lab (see below), thanks to all our support and the hard work by everyone.  We presented our research on conferences; our trainees received numerous awards and fellowships..  Importantly, the lab is also growing: We are really glad to have a talented PhD student, Marley Palmer joining the lab this year. ... Looking forward to 2022.  Cheers to the new year .. until then enjoy the break - Happy Holidays Everyone!

Congratulations to Natalie and the other four PhD students from UF for being awarded with the 2021 Predoc Award by UF Cancer Center

Congratulations, Gaby!  .. Gabriela presented her research project with great outcome, winning her the 2021 UFHCC Research Symposium award in the PhD student category. 

Congratulations to Natalie for winning 1st place award on the prestigious world-wide Hatton competition with her research

Natalie won the North American (AADR) competition round, allowing her to compete in the international finals among all junior researchers from all over the world, winning 1st place on both prestigious junior investigator competitions.   In addition, Natalie also received a one year student research grant for her project. Well done, Natalie!     

Congrats to our trainees in the lab:

Great success for dental student researchers from our lab: Naeem and Carson were awarded with High Research Honors for their research and scientific contributions in the lab during dental school. Awards will be presented during their graduation ceremony in 2022 May.

Congrats Gaby!  

Gabriela presented her research poster on the 2020 UF Cancer Research Symposium.

Gabriela gave a talk and won 2nd place award with her project presentation on the 2021 UF Health and Medicine Symposium. Congrats Gaby! Excellent talk!  

The symposium was held virtually, as part of the 2021 UF Diversity week, featuring graduate students from various Colleges. 

Congrats Natalie!

Natalie received an NIH/NIDCR F30 graduate student fellowship.
(Project title: Forkhead factor regulation in oral infections)  Natalie has been supported by our NIH/NIDCR T90 Oral Biology training grant.

Our review article is now published in Viruses, in the "Epigenetics and Viral infections" special issue      (Natalie and Michelle, co-first authors) 

We are grateful for our new NIH funding: 

Our large R01 grant and a prestigious fellowship (F30) were both funded by NIH/NIDCR. 

This is us,  Papp lab in the beginning of 2021...


2020 March: 

Naeem won 3rd place with his research talk on the national AADR 411 Rapid Research Competition in Basic Science category.   This international IADR/AADR conference in Washington DC got cancelled  last minute, but the competition were held virtually.  Congrats, Naeem!   

2020 Spring: 
Gabriela Peguero Kushner, a McKnight Doctoral Fellow joined us

It is my great pleasure to introduce our newest lab member: Gabriela Peguero Kushner.  Gabriela aims to understand the function of a newly discovered protein in human cancers, which we recently identified by studying host-pathogen interactions. Welcome on board, Gaby!  

The McKnight Fellowship supports students in doctoral programs in the state of Florida. The McKnight Fellowship aims to increase the number of faculties from underrepresented population.

2020 Spring:
Dominika presenting at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) in Fort Myers, FL.

Dominika Burbul (University Scholar undergraduate student in the lab) presented her research project (i) on the FURC 2020 in Fort Myers (in person) and (ii) the 2020 UF Undergrad Research Symposium (virtual due to COVID-19). 

2020 UFCD Spring Synergy research conference was cancelled last minute, but all submitted abstracts were reviewed and ranked:

Michelle was awarded with the 2020 UFCD “Excellence in Research” award for her research abstract (1st ranked research abstract)

Michelle, a new postdoc in the lab, who joined last year. Michelle is interested in epigenetic regulation of oral epithelial cells and how it controls viral infections. 


This is us, Papp lab in 2019 Apr

We moved into our brand new research space in 2019. We took our traditional annual Papp lab group photo on the 2019 UFCD research conference (called "Spring Synergy").   

2019 Aug

We welcome Natalie Atyeo, dual degree DMD/PhD student in our lab! Natalie is supported by NIH/NIDCR Oral Biology T90 training grant.  

Notes added in 2021:  Congrats to  Natalie, for receiving High Research Honors award and a prestigious NIH/NIDCR F30 grant  in our lab!

Natalie completed the 10-week Summer Research Program before dental school, in the laboratory of Dr. Ed Chan (UFCD) first giving her outstanding skills and training. She decided to join our lab in 2019 to pursue host-pathogen interactions studies in the oral cavity for her PhD.

UFCD dual degree program is a 7 year program resulting in DMD/PhD degree, with integration of the last (4th) year of advanced dental clinical studies and graduate research in lab.

2019 Nov
Carson won the 2019 National Student Research Group (NSRG) award at the 25th Hinman student research symposium

107 dental students and graduate trainees from schools across North America, including Canada participate in this annual student research conference and competitions. Awards are given to the outstanding basic and clinical research presentations. 
Carson participated and gave a talk about his summer research project from our lab.  He received the award from the National Students Research Group (NSRG) of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR). Congrats!

2019 June: 
Carson won 2nd place award at national level
on the Hatton competition at the 2019 AADR conference! Congrats! 

We are grateful for this prestigious award of the 2019  IADR international conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Carson (DMD Class of 2022) worked on his research project in the lab during the 10-week full time summer research program, available for incoming dental students prior to dental school.

2019 March:  UFCD Research Conference (2019 Spring Synergy)

Congratulations to all the Papp lab awardees! We would like to thank all the people from the lab and from our collaborator Toth lab, who contributed to  these research projects!

Naeem (first year dental student) was awarded 1st place for his research talk.

Outstanding talk, Naeem! Congrats! 

Carson (summer research student)  presenting at 2019 UFCD conference. Carson was awarded 2nd place with his talk (among dental students).  Congrats Carson!

Congratulations! Thomas, our lab research tech at his research poster. Thomas was awarded with  “2019 Award for Excellence in Research” (1st place, staff category.

Congrats! Kathrine with her award winning poster (2nd place "2019 Award for Excellence in Research" ) poster (research staff category). 

Naeem awarded with the 2019 DentsplySirona / SCADA award 

Naeem received this year's 2019 Dentsply/SCADA sponsored dental research student award from UFCD - funding one international conference attendance in the following year. 

(see 2020 March - Naeem presented with great success on the 2020 IADR/AADR international conference)


Summer Research student Carson completed a 10-week full time research program in our lab

Up to ~8 incoming DMD students are selected each year for UFCD's Summer Research program, to pursue research in labs before dental school.

This is a great opportunity for all dental students, you can get to know each other, receive research training with 1-on-1 time with faculties before starting the school! UFCD also provides full funding for many summer students to travel to an international conference and showcase your research findings  in the following year! 

2018:  Undergrad students from our group participated in student conferences

2018 Spring:  Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (Melbourne, FL)

Five undergrad students from our lab and the Toth lab (our collaborators) pictured here:  Juan, Naeem, Katherine, Kyra, Thomas.

They attended 2018 FURC and presented their posters.
FURC is an annual event, the largest Florida-wide undergraduate research conference with career workshops and networking events.

Naeem Motlagh joined the lab in 2016, a became UF Emerging Scholar undergraduate in 2017.  

Naeem presented his research discoveries on two undergrad conferences in 2018. (pictured here on the 2018 UF Undergraduate Research Symposium)

Naeem (DMD, class of 2022) continued his research in our lab during dental school.  He is now pursuing a 2-year long "Research Track" specialization (2020-2022) in our lab while also finishing clinical trainings in dental school. 

Aria Sharma, dental student researcher in the lab (2016-2019)

Aria joined us in her second year of studies, then completed a 2-year long "Research Track" specialization in our lab.  Aria was awarded with "Research Honors" upon graduation from dental school. Congratulations Aria!

 Aria presents her research on oral herpesvirus infections on the 2018 UFCD Research Conference.