Selected publications 

# corresponding author 

Atyeo N, Chae MY, Toth Z, Sharma A and Papp B# (2023) Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Immediate Early Proteins Trigger FOXQ1 Expression in Oral Epithelial Cells, Engaging in a Novel Lytic Cycle-Sustaining Positive Feedback Loop.  Journal of Virology,   2023 Feb 23

Atyeo N*, Papp B#  (2022) The ORF45 Protein of Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus and Its Critical Role in the Viral Life Cycle. Viruses, 2022 Sep 11

Combs L, Spires LM, Alonso JD, Papp B, Toth Z (2022) KSHV RTA Induces Degradation of the Host Transcription Repressor ID2 To Promote the Viral Lytic Cycle. Journal of Virology, 2022 June 22
Atyeo N*, Rodriguez MD*, Papp B# and Toth Z# (2021) Clinical Manifestations and Epigenetic Regulation of Oral Herpesvirus Infections. Viruses, 2021 Apr 15; 13(4): 681 *contributed equally

Naik NG*, Nguyen TH*, Roberts L, Fischer LT, Glickman K, Golas G, Papp B#, Toth Z#. (2020) Epigenetic factor siRNA screen during primary KSHV infection identifies novel host restriction factors for the lytic cycle of KSHV. PLoS Pathog. 10;16(1):e1008268. *contributed equally

Golas G*, Jang SJ*, Naik NG, Alonso JD, Papp B, Toth Z (2020) Comparative analysis of the viral interferon regulatory factors of KSHV for their requisite for virus production and inhibition of the type I interferon pathway. Virology (541): 160-173. *contributed equally

Pandya-Jones A, Markaki Y, Serizay J, Chitiashvili T, Walter M, Damianov A, Chronis K, Papp B, Chen CK, McKee R, Wang XJ, Chau A, Leonhardt H, Zheng Sika, Guttman M, Black DL, Plath K (2020) An Xist-dependent protein assembly mediates Xist localization and gene silencing. Nature, 2020 Sep 9 [online ahead of print]

Papp B #, Motlagh N, Smindak R, Jang SJ, Sharma A, Alonso JD, Toth Z# (2019) Genome-wide identification of direct RTA targets reveals key host factors for KSHV lytic reactivation. Journal of Virology, 2019 Mar 1; 93(5): e01978-18

Chronis C*, Fiziev P*, Papp B, Butz S, Bonora G, Sabri S, Ernst J, and Plath K (2017) Cooperative binding of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and stage-specific transcription factors orchestrates reprogramming. Cell 168(3):442-459. Epub 2017 Jan 19. *contributed equally

Toth Z, Papp B, Brulois KF, Choi YJ, Gao SJ and Jung JU (2016) LANA-mediated recruitment of host Polycomb Repressive Complexes onto the KSHV genome during de novo PLoS Pathogens, 2016 Sep 8;12(9):e1005878. 

Pasque V*, Tchieu J*, Karnik R, Uyeda M, Sadhu Dimashkie A, Case D, Papp B, Bonora G, Patel S, Ho R, Schmidt R, McKee R, Sado T, Tada T, Meissner A, Plath K (2014) X chromosome reactivation dynamics reveal stages of reprogramming to pluripotency. Cell. 159(7):1681-97 *contributed equally

Papp B, Plath K (2013) Epigenetics of reprogramming to induced pluripotency. Cell 152(6): 1324-43

Ho R*, Papp B*, Hoffman JA, Merrill BJ, Plath K. (2013) Stage-specific regulation of reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem cells by Wnt signaling and T cell factor proteins. Cell Reports 3(6):2113-26 *contributed equally

Papp B, Plath K (2012) Pluripotency re-centered around Esrrb. The EMBO journal 31(22): 4255-7 Papp B, Plath K. (2011) Reprogramming to pluripotency: stepwise resetting of the epigenetic landscape. Cell Research 21(3):486-501

Nekrasov M, Klymenko T, Fraterman S, Papp B, Oktaba K, Kocher T, Cohen A, Stunnenberg H, Wilm M, Muller J (2007) Pcl-PRC2 is needed to generate high levels of H3-K27 trimethylation at Polycomb target genes. The EMBO journal 26(18):4078-88

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Klymenko T, Papp B, Fischle W, Köcher T, Schelder M, Fritsch C, Wild B, Wilm M, Müller J (2006) A Polycomb group protein complex with sequence-specific DNA-binding and selective methyl-lysine binding activities. Genes & Development 20(9): 1110-22

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